Veterinarian Starter Package

AVID offers a starter package for veterinarians who want to begin offering microchipping services to their patients. The veterinarian starter package can help jumpstart your microchipping program with minimal costs. The package includes everything you need to begin microchipping and scanning pets in your care.

  • 1 lot of 25 Avid Microchips - Each sterile microchip is contained in a ready-to-use syringe. Each microchip comes with 4 peel off labels and a plastic collar tag.
  • Plastic Collar Tags - Each microchip comes with one plastic collar tag for physical identification. Each plastic tag includes the pets microchip number and the toll free phone number to the PETtrac Pet Recovery Network. Physical identification ensures a quick reunion when a microchip scanner is unavailable.
  • 1 Avid MiniTracker 3 Scanner - Scanner can read and display any AVID, FECAVA, TROVAN and ISO FDX-B coded radio frequency identification tags. The Avid MiniTracker 3 is small enough to carry in your pocket.
  • 1 Avid MiniTracker Wall Mount - Wall mount includes a test chip for checking your scanners battery and reading performance.
  • PETtrac Registration Forms - Registration forms for lifetime enrollment in the PETtrac Pet Recovery Network. Prepaid registration forms are also available upon request and will help ensure your patients are registered by bundling the microchip implantation and registration together. The pet owner or staff member simply fills out the prepaid registration form and mails the form to AVID.

Speak to a representative, call 1-800-336-2843 ex. 3