Recovery Stories

Avid microchips and the PETtrac Recovery Network have successfully reunited millions of lost pets with their owners. Read stories about pets who had gone missing for days, months, or even years; sometimes traveling hundreds of miles. Share your pet's return-home story with us.


Ivy got out of my house after only living here a week. She is the full sister/twin of my Stella who came to me in November. Ivy needed a home and Stella needed her sister as a playmate. She got out Saturday May 5th and I followed all the suggested things to do, ie checking shelte ...Read more

Found her . . . AGAIN

Our border collie is named Gypsy because of her frequent wandering. We have an underground electric dog fence that usually works for her, because she really hates to be shocked. Apparently her collar battery went dead, because neighbors half a mile away found her, saw her AVID ...Read more

When Mom's Away....

My name is Banjo. I'm a Shi tzu. I like to be sneaky when my mom is at work. Recently, I was so sneaky that I managed to get out of the doggy door and pry open the door to our porch. I'm strong like that. I wanted to roam the neighborhood before Mom came home. But, as luck w ...Read more

Reunited Years Later

After only having our dog for a month, she got out of the yard and we lost her. After putting up numerous flyers and hoping that someone would find her and get her scanned, she would be returned. It ended up that someone had found her and ended up keeping her. After 7 years, they ...Read more

18 year old lost cat reunited after a 6 week adventure!

We are still in disbelief that our sweet boy has returned. He went missing 6 weeks ago. We posted on every lost pet site we could find, alerted AvidID, and searched for weeks before concluding that our 18 year old cat, Josh, had decided to go into the woods adjacent to our house ...Read more

Separation Anxiety

My husky named Maui didn't like me working out of state and not coming home every afternoon from work. I'm an electrician & I took a job in 2012 in Twin Falls, ID to build the Chobani Yogurt factory. Shortly after I left town, my wife reported Maui missing from our home in Las ...Read more

Scary road trip

Our cat, Mohican, mysteriously disappeared from our home November 1, 2016. I had just seen her around 12 PM and a few hours later I am receiving alerts from Petrac and from a shelter miles from us. Mohican appeared in another city! I was in shock! Not like her to stray from our h ...Read more

My Miracle Child

I just wanted to share a story of survival with you. While I was out running an errand on Monday, September 5th my little sister let our dogs outside before she left (she was in a hurry) and let 3 dogs out only only 2 back in and didn't realize it. Of course, the one time our bac ...Read more

Thank you AVID!!!

We just received the most wonderful call! "Squirt" who was stolen from his kennel TWO YEARS AGO was returned HOME DUE TO HIS MICROCHIP! The person who stole him never took him to the vet, upon being evicted, he gave Tebow to a co-worker who took him to the vet to get shots, neute ...Read more

Missing 6 years

Leo is a mixed breed Terrier. We adopted him in the Fall 2009. He was a very sweet, silly dog that loved to snuggle and be groomed (shaved, brushed, whatever). He especially loved fresh cherries and would sneak them if we were not watching. In Feb. 2010, he broke his rear ri ...Read more