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The Pet Recovery Process

The Avid Pet Recovery System helps reunite lost or displaced pets with their owners by utilizing Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Each microchipped pet receives a permanent identification number that is unique and can never be duplicated. When a lost or displaced pet is recovered by an animal care professional, the pet is scanned for a microchip. The microchip transmits a unique identification number; this number provides a direct link to the owner via the PETtrac Recovery Network. The Avid Pet Recovery System provides a safe, simple, and inexpensive way to protect your pet against loss or theft!

  • The pet owner's contact information, the pet and veterinarian’s information, and the contact information of the designated alternate are all registered with PETtrac.
  • When an animal care professional recovers a lost pet, they will check the pet for a microchip with their scanner.
  • The animal care professional will call Avid’s 24/7 hotline at 800-336-2843. After a quick search of the PETtrac pet recovery database, we contact the pet owner or alternate — and the pet goes home!
  • Over 100,000 scanners that read the Avid FriendChip have been placed in the U.S.; virtually all shelters and veterinarians are equipped to read the Avid FriendChip.