Service Animal Program

Microchipping your service animal is the most safe and effective means of permanent identification. Today, over 80,000 service animals have been identified with the Avid® FriendChip™. Coupled with the PETtrac™ Recovery Network, these animals now benefit from PETtrac's safety-net of protection for the rest of their lives. Avid Identification Systems, Inc., in its support of the service animal movement, offers a program providing free FriendChips and PETtrac registrations for all state certified service animals.

Why FriendChip My Service Animal?

"Why should I identify my service animal with an Avid FriendChip™? He will never run off, she will never be stolen, I will never be involved in an accident or we will never be faced with a natural disaster...." These statements were probably made by people with service animals in the past and unfortunately for some, circumstances made a mockery of these statements!

Don't let loss or separation happen to you or your beloved service animal. Collars and tags can come off, and most animal shelters do not know where to call if faced with a lost service animal. The Avid FriendChip is safe, effective, involves little pain and is the most permanent method of pet identification available. Most animal shelters have microchip readers, so identification is immediate. Under current guidelines, microchip-identified animals involved in a disaster receive immediate veterinary care.

Although it is hard to imagine, service animals do get separated from their owners and are sometimes stolen. Without permanent identification your service animal may never be reunited with you, its owner. Your service animal is uniquely valuable. Without your companion you feel bereft and incomplete! Without permanent identification separation may mean permanent loss!

AVID Identification Systems, Inc. has a program in place for state certified service animals. If your veterinarian participates in the program, they will receive a free replacement FriendChip for every FriendChip implanted in a state certified service animal. State certified service animals also receive free PETtrac registrations, which can be traced in PETtrac 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

How Do I Participate?

If you want to participate in the service animal program, contact your local veterinarian and, find out if they use Avid microchips. If your veterinarian does not use Avid microchips, you can contact Avid at 1-800-336-2843 and a representative will supply the name of a local veterinarian that uses Avid microchips. If your local veterinarian is unaware of the Avid service animal outreach program, ask them to contact Avid at 1-800-336-2843.